Monday, July 28, 2008

Overflowing Blessings

Dan & I have been so blessed in the past week by friends. Here are some of the many ways:

* New landlord who is a Christian and has been generous to us already.

* A new larger home

* Friends who helped in little ways - lending us a truck, helping us move, calling us for encouragement.

* A large chest freezer that was given to us to use indefinitely.

* A free dryer

* A used washer that looks brand new for only $150 and the friend who called us as soon as he saw it on someone's driveway.

* An offered hedge trimmer to trim the front bushes.

* The landlord decided to continue his lawn service for the rest of this summer. This will not require us to have to purchase or borrow a lawn mower.

* A huge, beautiful area rug for my living room, given by a friend.

* A bagful of squash.

* A newer microwave that was given to us.

* Because our church moved at the same time, the drums are being stored here in our basement so Nathan can now practice.

* A huge basement where I don't have to hear the drums being practiced. ;-)

* A friend who took Emily to the movies with her daughter one day. Another friend who took Emily swimming last Sunday and a different friend who took her this Sunday, knowing that a move is stressful on children.

* Another friend who is selling Nathan a box full of pretty expensive power tools for $50. He knew what makes teenage boys tick!

* Being up at 3:30 in the morning so I have time to reflect on God's blessings. :-)

Last, but not least...

* Our landlord is letting me use an empty building he has next door for 3D Girls this year and is not charging the church any money and is paying to have the place painted!!!

God is just awesome and I had to share these many blessings. It's so easy to look at all the negatives going on but when you start to look for God's blessings in the little things, it's so easy to give Him praise.