Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Sometimes all it takes is a little motivation and encouragement. We started our first full day of school yesterday. For government we are using Electing America's Leaders that is published by KONOS. We talked about what it takes to be a leader, what it means to have leadership skills and what the Bible has to say about it compared to the world.

I had pointed out that Nathan had some leadership skills. He seems to take charge of any situation that he and his siblings are in. Of course, they would say he is bossy! ;-) He is a work in progress! LOL!

I also had told him that I was going to have him work on his testimony to share. Well, I was on the computer last night and happened to glance over at him and found him like this. He had a handbook that I purchased awhile ago called, Contenders for the Faith and his Bible. The handbook is basically a program that boys work through that teach them all kinds of skills like tying knots, building a fire, etc. (like Boy Scouts) but it also teaches them some Biblical principles.

Nathan was reading the chapters on public speaking and leadership. He would stop every now and then and come read a sentence or section to me or Dan. It was so neat to see him 1) pick up a book without me forcing him to and 2) spending so much time at it on his own - about an hour. I heard him tell Dan about some scripture he was reading about leaders and what today's politicians are like.

It was very exciting for me. Let's hope he can keep this up!