Friday, October 24, 2008

Mystery Dish

Hmmmmm, what could be in this bowl?

Why am I keeping my flour container on top? Well, that's mostly because the saran wrap doesn't fit tightly on the bowl and I'm trying to keep it airtight.

Saturday night is our monthly ethnic dinner with my friend Stephanie. It's my turn to cook and this month we are eating foods from Korea.

So, back to the orginal question - what's in the bowl?

It's Kimchi!

Kimchi is pickled cabbage that is very hot! In Korea, it's stored in ceramic jars in the ground but I had to do with a ceramic bowl on my countertop. It has a combination of red pepper flakes, salt, garlic, and onions and is so good! Of course, make sure you have tons of water next to you when you eat it. The longer it sets the hotter it gets. Of course, mine will not be that spicy because it's only had a few days to marinate instead of months.