Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas Cookies

I'm so far behind on my Christmas preparations this year. Normally, I start making Christmas cookies in October and freeze them. Our last house had a large, upright freezer that came with it so I had plenty of space. This year, we only have a little chest freezer. I just don't have the space to do them ahead.

I am starting to plan out what type of cookies I'll make this year. I have some old standards that I always make and I try to do something new each year. I use them for gifts, parties, church, and here. We always have a day after Thanksgiving, tree-trimming party for the kids. I lay out Christmas cookies, hot chocolate, egg nog and turn on the Christmas music. The children are looking forward to it this year because their grandparents will be here as well.

Here are some of the cookies I'm planning:

gingerbread men
chocolate snowflakes
pepparkakor (swedish ginger thins)
sugar cookies
cinnamon pinwheels
mexican tea cakes
kulachky (polish jam-filled cookies)
lemon squares
date tarts

I may add or change some but these are pretty standard every year. Now I just need to find the time to make them and some place to store them.