Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Creative Writing & Bible Curriculum

I found the neatest curriculum that combines creative writing with the Bible. It's put out by Positive Action for Christ and it's called, In Their Sandals by Rand Hummel.


It takes common Bible stories and has the student put themselves in the story and use their imaginations. We are working on the story in Mark of the demonic man that Jesus delivers by driving the demons into the pigs.

Some questions that they have to answer are:

* What did the demon-possessed man smell like?

* What did it sound like as the pigs crashed into the water and drowned?

There is a part where the student is to put himself into the pig herdsman's shoes.

* Describe what you see and hear when the demons enter your pigs and start rushing down the side of the mountain.

* Your pigs are now dead and your boss is going to be mad. Picture yourself standing at the top of the hill and seeing over 1,000 dead hogs knowing that you are going to have to answer for this. Who will you blame this on and why?

My kids love creative writing so this is right up their alley. They've been busily writing for the past 30 minutes.


There is a section where they apply the principles they are learning. I'm so glad I discovered this program.