Monday, December 22, 2008

The Gift of Giving


Believe it or not, this is the first year my children have ever had their own money to go Christmas shopping. Usually, we give them each some money and they hit the dollar store to purchase gifts for each other.

This year the boys earned money fixing up the building next door and Emily had some money she earned helping me around the house. They were so excited to go out today and get their shopping done.

Nathan made a comment to me that warmed my heart. He said, "Now I know how you and Dad must feel when you buy gifts for us." "It's exciting being able to think about what you want to buy someone and use your own money to buy it." He also said, "I can't wait to see everyone's faces on Christmas day."

Emily was skipping by me in the store and said, "I love shopping for others with my own money!" They really understood the joy of giving to others. It was amazing for me, as their mother, to see the excitement and happiness in their faces as they picked out the gifts, paid for them, and brought them home and wrapped them.


When you give to others, they are not the only ones who receive a gift. You get one too. This year my children have received the gift of giving to others.