Thursday, January 8, 2009

Housewives Do Nothing?

Many times I get the sense that people think a stay at home Mom sits around and watches soap operas all day long. I've heard people say, "I wish I could stay at home." like somehow it's a vacation! I'm sure that there are some women who do shape their days around the latest television show and probably don't put a whole lot of effort into taking care of their house.

Early in our marriage, Dan & I worked for an inner city ministry and were mentored by a gentleman who felt that as believers we should do everything with excellence. I find that I have tried to apply that to my homemaking. Does that mean I'm perfect? Far from it! In fact, there are many days when I struggle. However, I feel that if I am going to stay home, that I want my life to be more than sitting and watching t.v. or yapping on the phone all day.

I also should clarify that I don't have any health issues and I don't have any babies. My day looked a lot different when I had very little ones who needed much more of my attention. Also, I know many ladies struggle with some major health problems which requires more rest. We certainly should not compare ourselves! My point to this post, is that no matter what the circumstances, we should put our best foot forward!

Yesterday was one of those days when I wondered how in the world people could think that homemakers don't do anything.

Here was my to-do list from yesterday. I managed to get everything done, except the vacuuming:

* Got the kids up and fed
* Breakfast cleanup
* Shower & dress
* Make crockpot granola
* Make playdough
* Watched friend's two little girls (5 & 4) from 8:45-5:20 p.m. because of a snow day (which is why I made the playdough)!
* Get dinner going in the crockpot
* School this a.m. - included science, math, english, government, read to the girls, helped them with their workbooks, etc. (Much of our school requires me sitting and working with the children do to learning issues)
* Make pizza dough for lunch
* Make laundry soap for 2 months
* 2 loads of laundry
* Make pizza
* Lunch & cleanup
* Vacuum living room/kitchen
* Sew for about 45 minutes
* Make naan
* Dinner & cleanup

I also spend a large amount of time helping Dan in his role as pastor. I am the church secretary and the children's ministry coordinator at our church so that does take up a good chunk of my time each week. In between everything yesterday, I made phone calls, sent out emails and a whole host of other things. There are days, because I'm home, I can minister to people that need me.

I know it's easy to get trapped in the mindset that all I am is a housewife. I think the value comes in how you view your role. If you view what you are doing as a ministry to your family and also to the Lord because after all, everything we do should be for the Lord, it will definitely give you a different perspective.