Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year Goals

I usually shy away from New Year's Resolutions because they last about a month and that's it. However, this year I did want to come up with some concrete goals for myself. I started by reading Proverbs 31:10-31 and the description of the virtuous woman. Many people say that there is no way any woman could live up to this example but I believe there are some meaty nuggets in there that are worth emulating.

After reading this passage, I broke down my responsibilities into categories and then tried to come up with some goals for each category. Here are my major headings, along with a few goals under each heading. I'm not listing them all here as some are personal goals.

* Regular quiet time with the Lord
* Read through the Bible
* 2-3 service projects with children

* Consistent, focused school every day (except holidays and unforeseen
* Teach Nathan how to balance checkbook
* Go through Driver Ed. Manual with Nathan and work with him towards getting his permit
* Regular, consistent art time for children

* Regular, consistent family devotions
* Spend one on one time with each child every week
* Movies on the weekends only - we don't have t.v. but do get videos from the library. I want to spend more time working on projects and hobbies in the evening as opposed to sitting watching a movie.

Health & Nutrition
* Work on dust mite issue (regular washing of all linens, including pillows)
* Look into alternative, natural remedies for allergies and illness
* Lose the rest of the weight (30 lbs.)
* Cook nutritious meals
* Write out a weekly menu
* Try one to two new recipes per week

Financial & Organization
* Make a shopping list before I go
* Make & send cards on time (I'm notorious for sending them late)
* Make a price book for shopping
* Balance checkbook each month on time (as opposed to letting it stack up for 2-3 months)

This is a work in progress and I still have to tweak this list and reorganize my headings but overall, I'm pleased with the plan. This is the first time, I've organized my goals this way. It gives me something to look back on at the end of the year to see how I did. I also want to sit down with Dan and see what can be added to this and get his input, especially in the education and family headings.