Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Luncheon

Today, I am hosting a ladies luncheon at the church. I wanted to add a few touches to make it special since it is Valentine's Day.

I made a few centerpieces.

Each lady will take home some chocolate roses. I made white, milk chocolate and dark chocolate roses.

There will be a place card at each spot.

Each card has a different verse on God's love for us.

Originally I was going to have each one share about what they love most about their husbands but then I decided to change it because there are going to be a few ladies there who are not married or have been divorced (and not through a choice of their own). I decided that I did not want to make those women who are struggling feel worse about their situation but wanted to focus on God's love for them.

So I'm going to have each one read the verse in their card and then tell one way they have seen God's love demonstrated in the past month.

It's nice to host these things when there is a definite theme!