Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Defining Creativity

I want to expand on the idea of creativity a bit. I think so many people think that they are not creative because they don't sew, knit, crochet or do crafts. However, I think we need to redefine what creativity means. We are all made in the image of God, the creator. I think we are all naturally more creative than we think.

Being creative could mean:

* Putting together special touches on a meal (making sure you don't have all bland, white foods on the same plate)

* Setting the table with a few special extras - napkins with a fancy fold, a candle.

* Keeping the home clutter-free

* Having colors in the curtains that may pull out a color in the couch

* Folding the laundry neatly instead of shoving it in a drawer

* Planting a flower or vegetable garden

* Putting some plants around the house

* Making a special dessert that your husband or children love

* Picking special cards to send to friends and family

* Arranging the furniture so that it pleases the eye and brings order to the room

* Putting pictures on a wall

* Placing knick-knacks around the house

* If you homeschool, teaching your children how to do something in a different way if they don't get it one way

* Organizing the words on a page to explain something well to a reader

As you can see, creativity is so much more than just arts and crafts. We can be creative in everyday things as well.

What are some ways that you show creativity in your home?