Friday, March 6, 2009

Becoming a Man

Well, we reached a milestone yesterday. Nathan shaved for the first time. He's been sporting fuzz on his upper lip for awhile but it's gotten darker and darker. I like to tease him that he has dirt up there! He also had little tufts of hair on his chin. Of course, nothing is growing in evenly so it was time for him to shave it off.

When did my child start becoming a man? Often I will be doing something in the back of the house and hear a voice and wonder who is here, only to find out it is Nathan.

He is taller than me now. He cracks me up because at church he will walk up to one of the men and throw his arm around their shoulder, just because he's tall enough to do it. You can also see him puffing out his chest!

It's a strange experience having your little boy grow up into a man. I have to deal with him differently and that has been an adjustment. We've hardly ever had to discipline Nathan for misbehavior but when he does do something wrong, I've been pulling back and letting Dan deal with him.

However, it's a bitter-sweet feeling. My son is growing up!