Thursday, March 5, 2009



Doesn't this look like a pharmacy? Well, it's not. It's just my kitchen counter. We went to the ear, nose and throat specialist to get the results of Nathan's CAT Scan. It was a frustrating doctor's appointment. She feels he is one step away from sinus surgery. His adnoids are enlarged and though much of his sinus cavity looks good there are some areas that are blocked.

However, there is a clear medical issue causing the sinus problems, which in his case is allergies, so she felt that before we resort to surgery, we should try treating it with medication. I've tried natural remedies with no results. He is so miserable so I decided that we need to do the medication.

She put him on an antibiotic (again) to try and get the swelling down in his nose, 2 nose sprays, and an antihistamine. The problem with the antihistamine is that it's going to aggravate his tics from the Tourette's Syndrome.

Because I see him every day, I haven't noticed something that she saw right away. She said he was very pale and really was having difficulty breathing. To me, that's just how he always is but I do know that if he goes outside and exerts himself at all, he's back in within 10-15 minutes and seems listless.

He is now on 8 different medications for all his many issues. My grandmother always wanted a doctor in the family. I should of gotten a medical degree because I could be rolling in the money right now!