Thursday, April 9, 2009

Crafty Things

I've been working on curtains for Emily's room for what seems like forever. I finally got them done a few weeks ago just to find out I did not make them wide enough and they were also too long. They are just valances but they hung too far down on the window. I felt like crying! That's what I get for not using a pattern.

Normally, I probably would of given up. However, after throwing them in a pile for about a week and a half, I finally got remotivated.

I cut about 6 inches off the bottom. Then I added a border across the front of them and made a two inch binding on each side to add some width. I probably could of added an inch or two more on each side.

I think they turned out cute.


Here is a picture of the side so you can see the binding.

Now I just need to finish that stenciling. I'm stenciling all four corners of her room and only have two done so far.

That's it for this week. I've fallen down in the crafty department! :-)