Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Full and Busy Days

Our days have been so full lately with all the outdoor work. The boys have taken over the yard and mow and weed whack the entire thing once a week.

I think half their enthusiasm comes from being able to play with power tools!

There were massive weeds and trees growing in front of the fence that surrounds the property which looked so ugly. So this past weekend they dug up the whole area. I will be planting some flowers there, but it looks so much better now.

Dan helped them a bit with the pulling out the unintentional trees that were growing there. Obviously, the maple seeds fell there and started to grow. However, eventually the fence would be destroyed so they had to go.

We only rent so many people would say, "Why bother?" Our feeling is that we live here and want to take care of it. Also, it is good experience for the boys so they can take care of their own homes some day. Our landlord does pay them to do the yard that is on the adjacent lot, but they do our yard as well.

Nathan asked our landlord if he could paint the picket fence in front of both lots. He got permission and the landlord will purchase the paint. So the boys have plenty to keep them busy this summer.