Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Normal Routine

The past six weeks have been emotional, stressful, heart-wrenching, and paralyzing. However, I have, have to get things back to some sort of normal around here or we are all going to be locked up at the funny farm! :-)

So, in that spirit, here is what I've done today:

♥ Kids up and dressed
♥ Made eggs, bacon and toast from my homemade sourdough
♥ Showered & dressed
♥ Cleaned up the breakfast dishes
♥ 2 loads of laundry
♥ Dusted living room
♥ Cleaned upstairs bathroom
♥ Worked on math with kids
♥ Boys read
♥ Made some phone calls, doing church business

We are getting ready to eat lunch and then I'm going out in the garden and try to deal with the massive amounts of crabgrass that have taken over. Let's just say if I can't get it under control, I'm going to have to find some crabgrass recipes! ;-)

I'm planning on sewing with Emily later, get dinner on the table and relax later on.
I've been focusing on just praising the Lord in the midst of our storm and trust Him to work out all the details!