Saturday, October 3, 2009

Room With a View


This is the view from my kitchen sink. I see this view at least 3 times a day when I'm doing dishes. I know most people would think, "Poor Terri!" "Who wants to look at a train platform all day?" They would much prefer the view out my living room window which overlooks a mountain and rolling meadow.

However, I like this view. I like to watch the people and I often wonder about their lives. I see men in suits and briefcases, leaving their families for the day. I see women doing the same and wonder if they wish they could stay home. I see Spanish immigrants doing their best to provide for their families, knowing they are taking jobs that most of us would never want to work. I see young moms and their children and I hear their excited voices. For many of these little ones, this may be their first train ride.

Today, most of the train riders will be going somewhere for pleasure. They may be traveling to visit relatives or going into New York City to see the sights. They laugh and their voices carry over the yard into my window.

I like this view because I'm reminded that God loves all of these people. He desires to have a relationship with them. He cares about their burdens. This view actually reminds me of the task that God gave to Dan & me. We have been called into the ministry to share the good news with people just like this. I'm reminded to pray for these people.

I can get so caught up in my own little world and house that I forget that God called me into the ministry. I can become self-absorbed, thinking only of myself and my own cares that I forget there is a bigger world out there.

So you may not like my view, but I'm thankful for it. I thank God that He gives me a little reminder everyday of His view!