Friday, November 13, 2009

Thank God for Fridays!

Deuteronomy 32 ~

3 I will proclaim the name of the LORD.
Oh, praise the greatness of our God!

4 He is the Rock, his works are perfect,
and all his ways are just.
A faithful God who does no wrong,
upright and just is he.

Good morning! I'm glad that I'm doing this each Friday because it really does help to look back and think of ways that I've seen the Lord working over the past week.

So, I'm thankful for....

♫ The fact that I was sick this past week. Even though I felt miserable, I was able to work on some sewing projects and craft projects that I don't always have time for.


♫ For my children who are always willing to do what I ask, even when they aren't thrilled about it. The boys raked and bagged leaves this week.


♫ For my brand new mattress that is allowing me to get a good night's sleep!

♫ The Lord allowing Dan & I to see the Holy Spirit working in people's lives and actually seeing them change before your eyes. In a community like ours, it takes a long time just to build relationships with people. We've been here almost 7 years and are just starting to see the fruit. It's an awesome thing.


Okay, it's your turn. What are you thankful for?