Monday, January 18, 2010

Burdened for Girls


Dan & I have been ministering here for almost 7 years now. These girls were all around the age of 3-5 when we first got here. Look at them now! They are turning into beautiful young ladies. Our church seems to have a boatload of young girls. I can count on one hand the number of boys, but we have almost 20 girls all from the age of 5-12.

All of them go to public school and the majority of them are in or are moving into middle school and starting to get exposed to all kinds of things.

I did not have 3D Girl's Club this year because of the crisis we ran into this summer. However, I'm realizing that these girls do need intentional discipleship. We don't have Sunday School at church and some of them are getting too old for Children's Church.

Since I'm in charge of the children's ministries at church I've decided to start a junior church a half hour before church starts for ages 10-12. I'm hoping this will allow me to have some intentional teaching of the girls. Most of the girls are there early anyway because their parents are either on the worship team or setting up for fellowship, so it made sense to do it then.

I'm praying that each of these girls grow up and develop a strong relationship with the Lord. I want them to grow into young women who are both beautiful inside and out!