Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday


I decided to move my weekly praise and thanksgiving so I can participate in something else this Friday. I figure it doesn't matter what day I do it!

This week there weren't big things happening but I'm thankful for the following blessings:

♫ We have a roof over our head and heat to keep us warm.

♫ Stephen just finished a project that is a quarter of his English grade and got a very good grade.

♫ I have a freezer full of meat that was given to us.

♫ The Lord allowed me time this week to wrestle through a problem and come up with His solution to it.

♫ We had time as a family this weekend to enjoy an outing and each other's company.

Let's remember to look back through our week and give God the thanks for all that He is doing in our lives!