Saturday, March 6, 2010

Be Still My Heart

Winter weather never used to bother me, but as I'm getting older I notice that the months of January and February are very hard for me. It's not so much the weather, but it's the dreary, gray days that make me feel down.

By the time we hit March, I'm longing for warmth and sunshine and flowers. I know in my head that spring is around the corner, but it's hard to be patient.

Yesterday morning, I walked Emily to the bus stop. As I came back to the house, I happened to glance to the left of my front door which had been brown and bare a few days before and this is what I saw.


That alone made my heart sing. Green! What a beautiful site.

Later in the day I ran to the store and as I was walking back into the house, I wanted to soak in the green again and this is the wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous sight that I saw.


My crocuses are up! A sure sign that spring is here. A wonderful sign that the earth is preparing for warmth. So while it's still in the 20s at night and we may get more snow before the month is coming, I was physically reminded that it won't be long before I get to dig in the dirt and feel the warm sun on my face again.

Be still my heart! ♥