Monday, March 15, 2010

I Love My Teens

I realize that I haven't had many pictures of the boys the past few months, so I spent some time taking pictures of them the other day. Their personalities are reflected in these photos.

Nathan is such a happy kid.

He has so many problems (learning, physical, social, neurological) and yet, for the most part, he is upbeat and positive. One of the cafeteria workers at school asked him why he was always smiling and he told her, "Because I feel happy all the time!"

It's true too. In many ways, he has a pretty simple view of life. A lot of this has to do with his neurological disabilities, but in many ways it's refreshing. He fills in on the drums at church when our regular drummer is gone and on Sunday, our worship leader asked him to pray. His prayer was that they would do their best and have fun! Shouldn't we all have that attitude about our work and ministry? Nathan also runs the powerpoint during our morning services.


He feels things intensely, but also forgives very easily. He is extremely trusting and this often is the cause of his pain. When people aren't kind and don't treat each him with respect, it is hard for him to understand the reason they are like that.

I know God has a plan for Nathan and we are trusting Him to work out all these things for Nathan's good.


Stephen is much more serious than Nathan. He has a neat sense of humor, but is pretty low key and laid back. He hates getting his picture taken (as you can see)! He doesn't like any attention on himself.

In many ways, he has the same exact personality as Dan. He is definitely a peacemaker and will more often than not, give in to someone else rather than assert himself. He is friendly, outgoing and has many friends, but is also unsure of himself.

He struggles with school. He is actually very bright and picks things up quickly, but he has a very hard time staying focused and rushes through things. He does not do well on tests at all. His teachers love him though because he has such a great personality.


Stephen plays guitar on our worship team and is actually getting very good. He also records the sermons on Sundays and has done the devotional for our monthly men's breakfast a few times. I can't wait to see what the Lord is going to do with Stephen!


Both boys are so different, and yet I love them both. They are such a mix of both Dan and me and it is interesting to see them growing into men. Of course, it requires me to interact with them a lot differently. At times, I forget and revert back to my old ways which causes some sparks to fly. They are both so forgiving though. They tell me numerous times a day that they love me which makes me feel good because sometimes I feel like the worst mother!

As time goes by, our relationship is settling more into an adult to adult role rather than a mother-child role. No matter what, I love my teenagers!