Monday, July 19, 2010

Camp Week

Emily is back from her week at camp and it was so good to see her yesterday. She has never been away from home so it was an adjustment for Dan & I. She was tired and ended up with a fever and the beginnings of a nasty cold last night, but she was happy.

Here are some photos that the camp took of her during the week.


The main thing I was thrilled about was her excitement about all the things she learned spiritually during the week. One of our reasons in sending her was to give her a different spiritual experience than she has had in our small, rural church. We wanted her to see the Christian community on a larger scale so that she realizes that there are lots of other children her age who love the Lord and are trying to follow Him.

It was a great week for her and we definitely want her to be able to go again next year. Hopefully, next year we can get some other children from our church to go too!