Saturday, July 17, 2010

Living Simply Revisited

Over the past couple of days, I have been thinking about my last post on Living Simply, and I wanted to revisit it a bit. I am concerned that I came across as having it all together and that I may have discouraged someone reading here.

I don't think that everyone is going to have to do without the things we do nor live exactly the same lifestyle that Dan & I chose. Each family is different. Circumstances are different. I do think that we all need to do our best to pare down a bit and live simpler, but that will look differently for each person.

A friend of mine does not have a house phone and uses the cellular phone as her primary phone. So it's not practical for her to cancel her cell phone. Others may have husbands who are not on board with this whole idea and of course, you can't stage a revolt and do what you want in that case. Though, I'm sure many women try. ;-)

I probably will break this up over a few posts because there are a lot of reasons WHY we chose to live this way. Too many to cram into one post. :-)

I just wanted to make sure that no one went away from reading here and felt defeated. This blog is meant to encourage, not discourage! I think the key is praying and asking the Lord to show you what needs to change and how to go about doing that. In the end, it's all about going where the Holy Spirit leads.

Have a blessed day!