Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Our summer has been spent working on a major project.

We moved to this home two years ago and it has been such a blessing not only to us as a family, but to our church. We have a generous landlord and he allowed us to use the building next door to our house as well for 3D Girls. He also paid for the supplies and labor for us to fix it up.

Remember this room? Two years ago, it started out looking like this.

This was the finished result.

Well, there is more to the building that I never showed you. There is a kitchen, as well as an entry way and office that had old, stained wallpaper.

This summer we decided to tackle the entryway and office.

Here are some pictures of the work in progress. It is a huge job. First, we tore off the old wallpaper, then had to roll on vinegar water to loosen the glue and paper that wouldn't come off. Next, it was time to scrape everything off.


Then we painted the walls with primer, then painted the ceiling. We then put two coats of paint on the walls and did the trim.

Finally, we put the molding around the bottom of the walls.


Finished project. Dan & the kids did a great job! I say we, but they did the job all by themselves. I just took pictures.



The only thing left to do is shampoo the carpets, and I was blessed that a friend happened to have a carpet shampooer that she has lent to me.

Part of the reason we decided to finish up the other two rooms is that I am planning on starting a tutoring center, working with children who struggle with reading, writing and math. We also will be conducting English as a Second Language classes, for the many Hispanic immigrants that reside in our community.

If you think of it could you please pray for both these endeavors? We want to make an impact on our community and feel that these are both needed programs in this community. Dan & I both feel God leading us in this direction and are excited to see what He has planned for this building!