Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goals for the New Year

I'm not big into resolutions because I find that they last about as long as it takes me to type them. However, each year I sit down and work on some goals for the upcoming year. I definitely like the adage, "If you aim at nothing you'll hit it every time!" So, I do feel like it helps me to have something to aim for.

I try to base the goals around the priorities that I feel the Lord has given me. That would include my relationship with Him, my husband and family, personal and ministry goals.

I looked back on my goals from this past year and although I did accomplish a few of them, I need to do better. I think one way that will happen is to re-evaluate each month how I am doing.

Here are my goals for the coming year. Some of them are repeats because I didn't meet them and want to try again. I also didn't post all of them, because some of them are personal and are between me and the Lord.

Spiritual Goals
♥ Have consistent quiet time with the Lord
♥ Read through the Bible
♥ Write devotionals for my family for our Advent Jesse Tree next Christmas. I want to write something for older children/teens as the one I have is for younger children.

Marriage Relationship Goals
♥ Spend one evening a week on a date with dh (right now it's been Thursday nights)
♥ Ask dh each day what I can do to help him out.
♥ Make a point of telling dh each day of something that I appreciate about him. I want to do a better job of pointing out what he does right, rather than what he is doing wrong!

Relationship with Children
♥ Work on remaining calm when dealing with problems.
♥ Work on communicating with the boys as adults and less like they are still little boys and ordering them around.
♥ Consistent family devotions
♥ Take Emily out for one on one time at least 2-3 times per month. She really seems to need this from me.

Health & Nutrition
♥ Lose 35 lbs. this year (HAH! This one definitely needs a do over!)
♥ Regular exercise - at least 4-5 times per week.
♥ Work on tweaking recipes to make them healthier

Household & Organizational Items
♥ Write out a menu each week and shop accordingly
♥ Make a shopping list before I go
♥ Use cash for shopping (I find it easier to stick to the budget when I have cash)
♥ Put together a household manual (I planned on doing this in 2010, but it never happened)
♥ Stick to a regular cleaning schedule
♥ Work on having cards ready at the beginning of each month for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. This way all I have to do is pop a stamp on and mail them so they are received on time.
♥ Work on Christmas gifts throughout the year so it doesn't sneak up on me again. It was definitely an adjustment working full-time, so I need to be ahead of the game.

Ministry Goals
♥ Reduce the amount of things that I'm doing in order to allow others to step up and minister
♥ Continue writing my Wednesday Words of Encouragement to the ladies at church
♥ Pray deliberately for the women in our church

Hopefully, by setting goals, I will be more productive and directed in the coming year.

Have a Happy New Year!