Monday, December 20, 2010

Multitude Monday

Making Cards...
Writing Advent devotionals...
Giving out Christmas Baskets...
Baking cookies.

All the things that I enjoy yet when I overdo them leads me to feel

and Even Anger.

Why is it that I put so much pressure on myself to perform? This is the time of the year when I should be reflecting on the birth of Christ and all He has done for me. Instead, I am feeling the need to outdo myself from previous years. To stretch myself to the breaking point.

I don't focus on Christ. He gets lost in the busyness. He is pushed to the side in the craziness of going, going, going and doing, doing, doing.

This weekend I had enough. I decided that I had to stop this internal desire to create a magical holiday. To keep up with others.

I decided to be still. To reflect. To just enjoy the gifts He has given me in my family. So this week, I am not baking another cookie. I'm not making another ornament. I'm not running around in a frenzy.

I'm going to be continuing to thank Him for the blessings He has given me.

Blessings #81-96

~ A family who loves me and forgives me and my failures.

~ A daughter growing up into a beautiful young lady.


~ 14 girls who love 3D Girls and look forward to it on Wednesdays.


~ The God-given peace inside in the midst of financial stress.

~ An evening spent with friends.


~ My daughter's tear-stained face as she shares with me an encounter she had with God.

~ The pleasure my middle son takes in his job.

~ Girls sweet voices, practicing a song for Christmas eve.


~ A son's laughter.


~ Popcorn with loads of butter.

~ Good smells wafting through the house.

~ Holiday cookies.


~ Children excited about the gifts they have purchased for others.


~ A reprieve in my schedule that allowed the children to shop for each other.

~ Working alongside my daughter in the kitchen.


And finally,

~ Peace that comes from listening and obeying His voice.

Won't you join us as we count our blessings?