Monday, January 17, 2011

Multitude Monday

Winter is always a difficult time for me. Once the holidays are over, I find that January and February seem to stretch unending before me. It's hard not to feel down and yet, I feel glad that I can recognize that it's because of the weather and not anything else.

So looking at the blessings in my life helps to get through these long, dreary days. This week I'm thankful for...

Blessings #134-150

♥ Having time to create.


♥ Fun in the snow.


♥ Snuggling and praying with my daughter before bedtime.

♥ Helping a co-worker get through her classroom evaluation.

♥ A landlord who works hard to make sure things are in working order around here.

♥ A son with a great sense of humor.

♥ Friends who took time to listen and pray with me.

♥ Watching curious birds.


♥ Dinner out with another couple.

♥ Finding simple things around the house to decorate.


♥ Steaming bowls of chowder.

♥ God, who speaks truth into my life.

♥ A lively discussion with our small group.

♥ A winter sun that lifts my spirits.


♥ An unexpected snow day.

♥ Belly laughs with friends.

and finally,

♥ A husband who always makes me smile and cheers me up.