Monday, January 24, 2011

Multitude Monday


There are so many little things that I miss every day. Little ways that the Lord blesses me. Little details that could go unnoticed except for this weekly exercise. I've been working hard to keep my eyes and mind open so I don't miss them. When I catch a glimpse of them, I realize how blessed I really am.

This week, I'm thankful for Blessings #151-165

♥ A doctor who came through in a pinch.

♥ A winter sun peeking through the clouds.


♥ Being able to listen to and pray with a friend going through a crisis.

♥ Friends who take some of our load off by helping out.

♥ A daughter discovering a new hobby.


♥ A new furnace and boiler that gives us hot water.

♥ A warm home.

♥ A son who has found his purpose and enjoys living each day.


♥ Completing tasks that have been hanging over my head.

♥ Unexpected gifts from an anonymous person.

♥ Children who enjoy creating.


♥ A full refrigerator.

♥ Sharing a meal and fellowship with friends.

♥ A daughter who is well again.

And finally,

♥ Renewed vision.

Won't you join us and start counting your blessings?