Monday, February 28, 2011

Multitude Monday

Good news
Bad news
Stressful news
Hopeful news

A turn of events this past week that have caused my emotions to take roller coaster soars and dips. A pounding headache and perpetual knot in my stomach show that I've dipped more than soared.

One thing I do know is that God is in control. God has a plan for me and my family. He will work all things according to His purposes. So, I can either choose to rant and rave and wail my way through life or I can hang on tight to His promises and see where He is taking me.

While I may not necessarily be ranting and raving and wailing, unfortunately I do quite a bit of whimpering and moaning! :-) However, I do trust God. I know that I will follow wherever He leads. I'm learning to follow immediately though and not meander through my own paths.

We made the decision this week to move to our church's parsonage. This decision was primarily a financial one. We are struggling here. The church has only been able to pick up half of Dan's salary and his part-time job has not generated the hours we need. This move will not only help us financially as we will not have to pay any utilities, but it will help the church who is currently paying our rent.

So I'm moving out of my dream house and into a new house. It is a 5 bedroom house next door to the church and on 9 acres of land. There is a lot of space for the kids to roam and explore. The floors and bathrooms in the house were redone last year, as well as getting fresh paint in every room.

Unfortunately, it is in a different school district, so not only will be living in a totally different community, but the children have to switch schools. For those of you who do not know the past history, we were part of a church plant in our current town. Two and a half years ago our church plant merged with a church in another community 12 miles away and Dan became pastor of the newly formed congregation. Because we had just moved to this house, the church agreed to have us stay here.

Right now there is a tenant living in the parsonage and she was very understanding about our need to move there. We asked her to move at the end of June, however she has found something already and will be out at the end of March. This means that I have an entire house to pack up in one month.


We have to see if the children's current school district will allow them to finish out the final three months of this year. Of course, my concern is that they may say, "No." which means they will have to change schools in the middle of the year. That is also adding some stress.

Emily shed a few tears at switching schools, but overall the kids are taking it fairly well. There is a firehouse right next door to the church so Nathan can literally run there. He met a teacher at the vocational school he goes to who is the assistant chief of the new fire department, as well as our next door neighbor at the new house. This will also put us in a better location for the services Nathan needs as it is much closer to places of employment.

As I put Emily to bed the other night she told me she didn't mind moving any more. When I asked why she said, "Too many things are happening that can't be coincidences." "God must want us to move!" Her faith was a good reminder for me.

Other news...

Emily fell at basketball practice on Thursday night and fractured the same wrist she broke last Spring. So she is in a cast....again.

We heard from our accountant and are getting slammed with a $3,300 federal tax bill more than double the amount we anticipated. That was "punch in the gut" news as we don't have it. Not sure what we are going to do there, but I'm trusting God for the answer.

In a nutshell, that was my week. It was not a great one, but I'm choosing to praise Him for the blessings I did see.

Blessings #211-230

♥ A friend telling me she loved me. I needed to hear it yesterday.

♥ A daughter who made the honor roll.

♥ A fractured wrist that is not as bad as it could have been.


♥ Two beautiful teenage girls who gave up something very difficult for one week.

♥ Free, farm-fresh eggs every few weeks from a couple at church.

♥ A friend taking over the next ladies luncheon, freeing me up to just go and enjoy it!

♥ An offer of a 24 ft. truck to help move.

♥ A girl who sees God's hand on our lives.


♥ God orchestrating every aspect of this move.

♥ Every time Dan's hours get shorted, God provides income a different way.

♥ Beautiful sunshiny days


♥ A sweet friend who is cancer free.

♥ Because we are moving much earlier than anticipated, I can have a garden after all this year. I thought that was not going to happen.

♥ Baking bread with Emily.


♥ A church family who rallies when they need to.

♥ Children who look at the opportunities and not the obstacles.

♥ A sunset that comes later each day.


♥ People praying for us.

♥ A landlord who also told us because we are such good tenants that if we need to stay a week or two past April 1st that he won't charge us anything.

and finally...

♥ Reminders that God will provide a way when there seems to be no way.


Won't you join us in counting your blessings?