Monday, March 7, 2011

Multitude Monday

So often I look for God in the big events and the major miracles in my life. When these don't happen I begin to think that He is not working. Yet, more often than not, He is in the small things. In all the little blessings that add up. You have to be careful and look closely to see them. But they are there. They are there in a word of encouragement or a small gift or just a smile.

God's blessings can be missed if you don't look for them. This week I saw God's hand in a multitude of little ways.

I'm thankful for Blessings #231-253

♥ A foggy, rainy night which means it's warming up.


♥ A co-worker who sets asides packing boxes for me each day.

♥ A bag of clothes for the boys.

♥ Listening to a friend pour her heart out and praying with her.

♥ A daughter who enjoys simple pleasures.


♥ A friend who dropped off a large bag of pears.

♥ Another friend who gave us two loads of boxes, as well as tape and newspapers.

♥ Sunshine streaming through the windows.


♥ Children enthusiastically helping move packed boxes.

♥ The gift of time this morning because of a two-hour school delay.

♥ A place to live.


♥ Learning a new skill.

♥ Ministering to a young couple.

♥ A husband who does dishes every single night in order to give me a break.

♥ A fellow pastor's wife who called me to offer encouragement.

♥ A neighbor who sent over cookies one night.

♥ Another pastor's wife who emailed me words of comfort and encouragement.

♥ A young friend who showed up at church with a desire to come on a regular basis.

♥ Geese returning; another sign of Spring.


♥ An offer of financial assistance for a woman's retreat.

♥ Exploring the property around our soon to be new home.


♥ A rousing time of worship yesterday.

and finally...

♥ God's hand in the small things.


Won't you join us in counting your blessings?