Monday, March 21, 2011

Multitude Monday

We sang a new song in church yesterday called, A Greater Song. The chorus talks about singing a greater song to God on earth. It reminded me that our lives are a song to God. How we live our life is the melody.

We can either live a song of praise and thanksgiving to Him or a song of complaint. We can reach out to others with our song or sing a lonely tune that only we can hear.

I want my life to be a song that brings Him glory and a song that turns others to Him. I don't just want to hum a tuneless bit of nothing; I want my life to be a beautiful melody that points others to Him.

However, I fail quite often. I sound more like a discordant, clanging noise. More often than not, my song may cause others to cover their ears and look at ME and not the Lord.

I find it's when I take time to focus on His word and walk in fellowship with my God that the song changes and a melodious tune begins to take shape again.

Looking for the blessings each week and taking time to sing them helps me be a greater song to the One who created the song in my life.

This week, I'm thankful for Blessings #271-285

♫ Seeing the supermoon on Saturday and getting a great picture of it.


♫ Newspapers from a friend to help with the packing.

♫ Being able to start bringing things to the new house early.


♫ Friends who spent an afternoon helping us hang blinds and clean.


♫ A dear lady who faithfully decorates the church each month.


♫ A tree house ready for Emily to play in.


♫ Boys learning a new skill yesterday which led to...

♫ New blinds.


♫ Designer curtain rods which were left for us.

♫ A dishwasher also left.

♫ A gift of a used double oven. I love to cook so I really appreciate this!

♫ Beautiful crocuses.


♫ Temperatures in the 60s for a couple of days.

♫ A son enthusiastic about cooking.


and finally...

♫ The desire planted in me for my life to be a beautiful song!