Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Adventure

It always amazes me at how resilient children are. I have been especially blessed with kids that spring back quickly and look forward to new things. They are viewing this latest chapter in our lives as a new adventure.

We heard back from the superintendent of schools and the school board is allowing all three to finish out the school year. However, next year they will have to go to school in the new district. I was concerned about Stephen as it's his senior year.

However, he has been pretty upbeat about the whole thing. Someone told him this past week that the new school has a food court. Food seemed to be a good motivator! lol


Emily is excited because she heard they have a swim team and she loves swimming. She actually likes any kind of sport and the new district has a good sports program.


Nathan has decided to continue one more year in high school. He was given the opportunity to try out the more advanced cooking class at the vocational program he goes to. He is currently in Food Service Basics which is for the special education children. They weren't sure if he would be able to handle the academic portion of things. However, they gave him the thumbs up on the Culinary I class.

Because we aren't positive if the agency that will help him find employment will be able to do so right away, we felt it would be better for him to continue with a program he likes.

He also found out that the new fire department gives out pretty nice gear and that was all he needed to hear! :-)


Even though I feel a bit apprehensive about everything, the children seem to be embracing change well!