Monday, April 4, 2011

Multitude Monday


This is the view out my bedroom window. It reminds me constantly of all that the Lord has done and is doing in our lives.

I have to be honest and say that it was a struggle for Dan & I to move to the parsonage. When our church plant merged two years ago with this new church, we had made the decision to stay where we were. We had just moved there and we loved the house we were in and were comfortable there. However, as a friend reminded me, God often does not want us to get too comfortable in this life.

Dan & I chose to go into the ministry because we felt God's call on our lives. We knew that it would require sacrifice and that we would have to go without many of the pleasures that so many take for granted. Things like vacations, fancy cars, the latest gizmo, and other extras. We accepted that and were willing to make that sacrifice.

However, without even realizing it, I allowed myself to get too comfortable where I was. I started to get attached to a "thing." However, stepping out in obedience always causes me to feel peaceful. We've been here in the parsonage for one week and already I can see how God is using this move.

This week, I'm thankful for Blessings #304-320

♫ A husband who is willing to help his children with math.


♫ A son who has found that he enjoys running.

♫ Making little by little progress in unpacking.

♫ Continued meals from our church family.

♫ An uplifting time of worship.

♫ Little ones who ask every week if we are having children's church.

♫ Keeping our grocery bill within the budget.

♫ A weekly monetary gift from an anonymous person.

♫ God's perfect timing in not allowing me to get pneumonia until after the move.

♫ A husband who went back to the old place to clean for me because I was sick.

♫ A house that is starting to feel like home.


♫ A new home that warms up faster and at a lower temperature than the old one.

♫ Sunshine that warms.


♫ Children who love music.

♫ A beautiful new place to walk.

♫ A dishwasher which is the first in 8 years.

and finally...

♫ A family who desires to serve the Lord.