Monday, April 11, 2011

Multitude Monday


II Corinthians 5:7 ~ For we live by faith, not by sight.

This week I've been reminded of this over and over again. I've heard the small voice of the Holy Spirit whispering it in my ear as I've struggled with my attitude all week. I've heard it in small reminders of how the Lord provides for us. I've seen it lived out in friends who are missionaries overseas.

Faith and not sight. Faith that believes God will meet all our needs when sight cannot see a light. Faith that knows the Lord is working in our church and community when sight tells me differently. Faith that hopes when sight brings discouragement. Faith that believes God's hand is in our circumstances when sight feels His absence.

So, this week as I count my blessings I am remembering that I live by faith and not by sight.

I'm thankful for Blessings #321-335

♥ Finally feeling better after a week of recuperating at home.

♥ Getting a new appreciation for the denomination we belong to.

♥ A time of fellowship at a ladies retreat with women from our church.

♥ Hearing my daughter tell me that she missed me while I was gone.


♥ Seeing friends that I only get to see once or twice a year.

♥ A husband and children who spent an afternoon cleaning up the property.


♥ Cookies made by Emily.

♥ Finishing a crochet project.


♥ A friend who took me grocery shopping which saved us a car trip.

♥ Finding a new and less expensive farm market.

♥ Green grass.


♥ Warmer temperatures.

♥ Missionaries who give their lives to serve Him.

♥ Hearing from the Lord.

and finally...

♥ Living by faith.