Thursday, May 5, 2011

High Waves


Do you ever feel like you are stranded and being battered by daily events? I've been feeling like that lately.

Before you think that I'm depressed or down, I'm not. Just a bit overwhelmed. I have to keep reminding myself..."Breathe." "One thing at a time." "Get through this day."

This happens every year around this time and it has to do with the fact that there are so many things happening all at once. It's like being hit with wave after wave of activity.

Some of the things going on this week and next:

* Track practice for Stephen every day after school.
* Play practice for Emily every day after school.
* Three doctor's appointments this week.
* A mother's day dinner at church.
* Mother's day (which I'm behind on getting gifts in the mail to our moms)
* Work every day.
* Figure out a solution to my garden pest problem (a deer or something ate my kohlrabi even with repellent around the perimeter)
* Took Stephen to get a tuxedo for the prom
* Registered him for S.A.T.s
* Take Nathan for firehouse physical next week.
* Grocery shopping.

All of this needs to be juggled around one car and Dan's part-time work schedule which is all over the place.

That house in the middle of the river is actually looking like a good place to hide away! :-)