Monday, May 9, 2011

Multitude Monday

I enjoy blogging because I like to write and it has been a tool to journal things for my children to remember. However, it is so easy on blogs to present only the good and only the positive. You can make it seem like your life is perfect. Yet, life is not perfect and families are not perfect.

I've really worked hard to be transparent here on this blog. I am not a perfect person and I struggle with many things. Yet, I want to live my life for the Lord and do my best to serve Him. I know that often people are more blessed when they see that someone does struggle yet still tries to honor God with their life. I find it helpful to see the process that someone goes through rather than just the end result.

Yesterday morning did not start well. In fact, it was quite horrible. My fairy tale book expectations of Mother's Day did not match reality and I did not handle things graciously. In fact, I blew it BIG TIME! The problem when you allow yourself to give way to your emotions is that no one wins. The people you spew on feel rotten and then you feel rotten for allowing yourself to vent.

Yet, God has blessed me so much with a husband and children who are forgiving. So after picking myself up and dusting myself off and realizing that once again I had blown it, I humbly asked the Lord and my family to forgive me. They graciously did and assured me of their love. I ended up having a very nice day.

Today I'm thankful for Blessings #371-390

♫ My family who loves me and forgives me.

♫ A church full of little ones.


♫ A place to walk.

♫ Men who made and served dinner to the mothers in the church.


♫ A gentleman in our church who worked hard to fix the lawn tractor and then mowed the entire property.

♫ Working through a conflict.

♫ Laughter.


♫ A couple coming this week to work on sprucing up the church playground.

♫ A solution to our one car problem in the morning. We are meeting a bus as it turns around on the mountain and the children ride the bus from there.

♫ Good friends.


♫ Sitting and drinking expresso with my husband.

♫ A good report from the doctor.

♫ Enjoying her Dad's jokes.


♫ Rocking a little one to sleep. I forgot how much I missed that.

♫ Being a mom.


♫ A son who sprung back quickly from a major disappointment.

♫ Feeling sunshine on my face.

♫ The smell of freshly mowed grass.

♫ Spending a morning digging up flower beds and planting.



♫ The Lord's forgiveness and mercy which is readily available to those who ask.

Won't you join in and count the many ways you are blessed?