Monday, May 16, 2011

Multitude Monday

Count Your Blessings
by Sheryl Gump

So often we complain
about the lives we live.
Unsatisfied with each other
having no joy to give.

If only we could take
a moment from our time
to see all the hungry people
who have not even a dime.

Husbands complain about their wives
and all the things they do,
but have they thought about the man
who has none to come home to?

And as for the wives,
have they ever stoped to think,
what in the world they would do
if they ever lost their link?

We mope about our children,
but do we realize
how this world would be
without those loving eyes?

What we need right now
is to take each other's hand
give thanks for what we're given
upon this wonderous land.

So now let's count our blessings
that we've been given from above
always to remember
the richest one is love.

Today I'm thankful for Blessings #391-405

♥ Fragrant smells in the air.

♥ Baby birds chirping up a storm.

♥ A family sabbath dinner.


♥ The beauty of lilacs.


♥ Nathan getting his fire equipment.

♥ Planting flowers.


♥ A reminder of what I try to do each day.


♥ Beautiful colors.

♥ The smell of freshly mowed grass.

♥ Growing vegetables.


♥ A couple in the church who put new mulch down on the playground.


♥ A soaking rain.

♥ A wonderful worship service.

♥ The love and support of friends and family.

and finally...

♥ Peace over a decision.