Saturday, June 25, 2011

Anniversary Thoughts


Twenty three years ago I was young, idealistic and naive. I thought that getting married would solve all my problems. I thought that if I had someone to love me then my life would be perfect. However, as most of us realize, that is not the way life progresses.

What I have learned is that in order for a marriage to truly work, both parties need to be committed to it. Both need to be willing to communicate and compromise. Both the husband and wife need to work through the many crises and problems you will face. It certainly helped us both to realize that God ordained marriage and for us to keep Him at the center.

We have gone through so much in our twenty three years of marriage. Good times, bad times, lean times, leaner times. Times of rejoicing and times of incredible sorrow. It has not always been easy. Yet, the day we said, "I do." we realized that we were making a commitment to work through the tough times. Quitting was not an option, even when we may have felt that way.

Today is our 23rd wedding anniversary. We both are grayer. We have more wrinkles. Yet, I love him more today than I did that June day so long ago. I realize what a wonderful man I have as a husband.

I thank God each and every day for my marriage and look forward to another 23 years with him.

I love you sweetheart!