Monday, July 4, 2011

Multitude Monday

My heart is so full this week of all the wonderful ways God has blessed me! It seems to be easier some weeks to see God's blessings than it is at other times. This was one of those weeks.

Today I'm thankful for Blessings #491-505

► A stepfather who spent the week helping us with odd jobs around the house.

► My mom who did my dishes and folded my laundry all week.

► Stephen who has been pouring over college catalogs. It's been wonderful to see him getting excited.


► A lazy summer outing - dinner at a restaurant on their outdoor terrace.


► A great visit with my parents.

► The gift of a new outfit.

► The hum of dragonfly wings.


► Watching Nathan march in a parade.


► A grandfather who patiently teaches new skills.

► Chatting with my daughter while she fishes.


► Property full of wild grapes.


► Afternoons spent at the town pool.

► Grandparents who spent hours playing games with Emily.


► Free ranging chickens.


And finally...

► God confirming a decision I have made.