Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Addition to the Family & Other News

We have a new addition to our family.

I bet that got your attention!

This lady showed up yesterday looking very hungry.


Of course, Emily took it upon herself to feed the poor thing.


We noticed large, bluish broken eggs a few weeks ago next on the side of the church. Now we are thinking that a fox got into them and ate her babies. :-(

Anyway, now that she's been fed and there is a huge pond behind the church, we think she may have moved in for good.

In other news, I participated in the local community market yesterday.


I made a grand total of $46 after I paid for the table so it wasn't that big of a success. The craft items didn't sell at all, but everyone seemed to be there to purchase fresh produce and food. The ladies next to me selling crafts hardly sold anything.


It was also raining and we were stuck indoors which may have cut down on the amount of people coming. However, I had fun and I got to look at these cuties across from me the whole evening.


Emily has her eye on them. They were not for sale, but the lady told Emily that she could have one in a few weeks.

Looks like will be adding another family member soon!