Monday, August 29, 2011

Animal Tales

One thing I've noticed is that animals seem to play a central theme in most of my adventures. I seem to attract them like flies to honey. Yet, it's always in the most bizarre way!

As I've mentioned we were without power for 12 hours yesterday. Dan put the gas grill up on the front porch so we would have it available if we needed it. About mid-afternoon I decided to try and boil some water on it for tea.

I pulled the cover off the grill and opened the lid. It was then that I noticed a pile of grass in the corner under the grate. Well, I know that I can't start a fire in the grill with dry grass in it so I pulled off the grate and lifted up the pile of grass.

Out runs a field mouse who was in the MIDDLE of nursing four babies! The mother with two of the babies still attached to her and two other babies are now running around the inside of the grill. All the while, I'm yelping and jumping up and down.


Stephen & Emily came to my rescue with gloves and cups and caught them and put them over in the woods.

I'm not sure I'll ever be able to grill again!