Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lemon Cucumbers


I tried my hand a new kind of cucumber this year - lemon. They are round and yellow like a lemon and are supposed to be a bit sweeter.

To me they taste like a regular cucumber. The one difference I noticed is that the skin is tougher and they are full of seeds. You can make pickles with them. I won't be growing them again next year, but I enjoyed the experience.

The rest of my garden is iffy. Let's just say I hope there isn't a famine or we will be eating dirt! LOL!!!

I've only gotten 2 eggplant, a handful of peppers and beans. I have tons of green tomatoes but many of them are getting blossom end rot. I have 1 measly little pumpkin growing and 1 butternut squash and some regular cukes.

The only thing that keeps on producing is those lemon cucumbers!