Monday, August 8, 2011

Multitude Monday

"I need to vacuum the living room."

"Oops, I forgot the kids have a doctor's appointment."

"I must remind Dan to stop at the bank."

"I have to order supplies for the church."

"I don't know how Nathan is going to handle his new school."

There are a million thoughts, concerns, ideas running through my brain every day. It often feels like my mind never shuts off. Many times I have a difficult time relaxing and getting to sleep or I'll wake up in the middle of the night with the dialogue starting up again.

So many things that vie for my attention. God is there and present in my daily life, waiting for me to stop and listen. Yet my emotions and thoughts often clamor so loudly that I don't hear Him.

When I still my inner thoughts He begins to speak to me. I hear Him whispering to me, "I am here." "I love you." "I have good things for you." When I do stop and listen, the kaleidoscope of my circumstances comes into sharp focus. Sometimes it is just for a moment or two. Sometimes longer. As I focus in on that voice I get clarity. I see things as the Lord does.

That still and quiet voice carries me forward and gives me the strength to move on. To continue along the journey. To continue to trust the Lord for my life. To look forward to the next time I hear His voice calling my name.

When I stay silent long enough to hear Him and realize my blessings.

Today I'm thankful for Blessings #571-585

♥ Feeling better after four days of the stomach bug.

♥ Accepting that I'm not responsible for the results of our ministry. I'm just to do what God calls me to do.

♥ Reuniting with cousins.


♥ Working through emotions and coming out stronger.

♥ Finding out that I still have medical benefits through the summer. Dan's kick in beginning in September.

♥ Revisiting the mountains I grew up in.


♥ Hearing a firefighter tell me what a great kid my son is and how much they love having him on the fire department. He also told me he ran into the chief of Nathan's old fire department and they felt the same way.

♥ Wandering along the path that Stephen made through the dense forest. He's been working at it all summer.


♥ Cucumbers eaten straight from the garden.

♥ Friends who stopped by with a salad and gas money for my family get together because they knew I had been sick.

♥ The entertainment that strutting roosters provide.


♥ Another friend who stopped by with soup - just because.

♥ My husband who keeps reminding me it's okay to be yourself and to not let others bring me down.

♥ Beautiful sunflowers in my garden.


and finally...

♥ God's provision.