Thursday, September 15, 2011

Accomplishing My Goals


I've been working hard at making our budget stretch. It's becoming a fun challenge to see how I can make ends meet on one income. I do have to do without some things and it's been made especially difficult this month because of some items the kids need for school that were unexpected.

However, I've been doing okay with it. For the past 7 weeks, I've kept our grocery budget which includes household paper and cleaning supplies as well as personal care items to under $100 per week.

I'm a little disappointed that my garden didn't do well at all this year. However, I'm putting those 5 roosters as well as the 5 ducks to work by composting their droppings along with the vegetable scraps, egg shells and coffee grounds. So maybe by next year, I'll actually produce more than 2 piddly eggplant!

I'm so enjoying being back at home. This week we are hosting a missionary as it's our church's missions conference. So I've been spending lots of time with her as well as shuttling her around to different speaking engagements at different churches.

I've been able to do some crafting, my house is clean, and I've been baking. The kids have a snack waiting for them when they get home and we have a hot meal each evening. Also, I've been able to go to the high school for various meetings for Nathan. I also started watching a friend's daughter after school and will be doing that 2-3 days per week.

So, I can definitely say that I'm accomplishing my goals and that is a great feeling!