Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Day after day, counting our blessings.

One by one they have piled up.


Small ways we see God's hand in our lives over the past month.

We are called to a life of thanksgiving. A life of joy. A life of practicing the presence of God.

Our blessings have accumulated throughout the month.

Today is the day when we pull them out of our thankful jar and review the many little blessings that have accumulated.

This month, our family is thankful for
Blessings #726-767...

♥ Electricity
♥ A good time with a friend at the movies
♥ Grades that went up
♥ The gift of life
♥ Animals
♥ Clothing
♥ A family that helped Mom out
♥ Our church family
♥ Warm blankets
♥ Guitars and music
♥ Family
♥ Teens that went to a nursing home
♥ Autumn
♥ People who love us
♥ The ability to help a friend
♥ Jesus
♥ The encouragement of a friend
♥ Eating together as a family
♥ Christmas
♥ Mommy & Daddy
♥ Good pie sales
♥ Finishing up a project
♥ Our church reaching out to the fire department
♥ The gift of a new dining room table
♥ Beautiful, sunshiny days
♥ Being a fireman
♥ A place to sleep
♥ A second car
♥ Having SAT scores that were higher the second time around
♥ The firehouse's generosity in letting us stay there when the power was out
♥ Youth group
♥ Nursing homes and hospitals
♥ Selling bread
♥ Mom's food
♥ Firehouse family
♥ Books
♥ The ability to exercise
♥ The atmosphere
♥ Working at the welcome table at the Senior luncheon
♥ Tests

and finally....

♥ THANKSLiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family