Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I am writing this from a friend's laptop at the fire station next door. We have been without power for 4 days and now they are predicting it won't be until tomorrow night before it is restored.

We had the worst October snowstorm in recorded history dump 12-22" on the area on Saturday afternoon and night. The kicker was our power stayed on until Sunday morning when the sun came out and all seemed right with the world.

We made it through Sunday and Sunday night with no power but were pretty cold by Monday morning. However, we have been blessed because Nathan is on the fire department and have been camping out here ever since. They have a massive generator so there is heat, hot water and lights. No showers though.

The thing that has kept my sanity is getting to work and cooking for everyone. I make daily trips next door to the house to salvage what food I can and come back to cook all day.

As I type this the smell of brownies and molasses crinkle cookies is in the air. Tonight's meal consists of pork chops with red chili pepper sauce over rice or a stew of kielbasa, cabbage, potatoes and carrots.

Anyway, I did want to check in and let everyone know what happened to me. After blogging almost everyday I know an absence of 5 days is a long time. Hopefully, the power will be restored soon and I can get my life back!

Until then, I am offline!