Monday, November 14, 2011

A Pouring Out

The Spirit Poured Into Us by Raymond A. Foss

The power of the Spirit
poured into us
when we pour out our past
becoming a vessel empty
ready to be filled with God’s love


Sharing our lives
with the risen Christ
walking yoked right to him
conforming our steps
to the way of our Lord


Pouring out his love
to all those in need
serving rather than being served


Today I'm thankful for the pouring out of
Blessings #716-725

♥ Teens pouring their time by giving up a Saturday afternoon to visit seniors in a nursing home.

♥ A church body pouring out their love and generosity on us for Pastor Appreciation Month.

♥ Pouring out my creativity into a friend's anniversary decorations.


♥ An Emergency Medical Technician pouring out her time on my son to help him start studying for an EMT test.

♥ The chief of the fire department and his wife pouring out their lives into Nathan by taking him to various fire meetings with them.

♥ A friend pouring out his help and resources by putting up plastic to help us on our fuel bills this winter.


♥ God pouring His words of comfort through us to the ears of one on a hospital bed.

♥ Pouring out a prayer with and for a sister in the Lord.

♥ God pouring out beauty in the changing leaves.


and finally...

♥ An outpouring of thankfulness for God's blessings upon our lives.

Won't you join us in counting our blessings?