Thursday, December 15, 2011

Afternoon Tea


Emily has always liked the special little touches that I don't always feel like doing or have the time to do. More than the other two, she really seems to need more of a hands on approach to life. She likes being able to talk and share things with me. It's difficult at times because it also takes her a while to get things out and I can often be impatient because I'm trying to do a thousand things at once.

Over the past few weeks, I've been trying harder at stopping what I'm doing and just sitting and listening to her. One way I've been doing that is by having an afternoon tea ready for her when she gets home from school.

I pull out my best tea pot and tea cups and have some sort of snack to go along with the tea. I always have it available to the boys too, but they are content to eat in silence and then head off by themselves. Emily, on the other hand, will sit and tell me all about her day and the things that happened at school.

After she's talked and gotten everything off her chest, she is ready to do her homework.

It seems like an afternoon tea has been the thing to fill her tank!