Friday, January 6, 2012

Crafty Things

I started off January on the right foot and got two projects done this week.

The first is a scarf. Emily's friend came to church one day wearing a scarf that looked just like a paper chain. It was the neatest thing. So I counted the stitches in it and did my best to duplicate it.

It came out so cute. Emily wore it to school and she said she put it on her desk in the library and walked away. When she came back 4 teachers were exclaiming over it. LOL


The second was a shirt for my father-in-law's birthday which is next Friday. I bought enough material when I made one of Dan's shirts, to make one for his dad too.

Here is the finished project. I was so pleased with it because there was not one mistake on this one!


I also nearly finished the top of a table runner and will show that next week. What are you working on?