Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Nathan & Stephen are 21 months apart and have been pretty inseparable since they were little.  As they get older, their interests have definitely changed and they are different in so many ways yet they still genuinely like each other.

They both have strengths and weaknesses.


Nathan is very neat.  His room is like something out of an army magazine.   Stephen is (to be honest) a SLOB!  His room looks like a bomb went off in there. LOL!

Nathan is organized.  He plans out every aspect of every day to the minute.  A lot of this has to do with being on the autism spectrum, but I also think he is naturally that way too.  Stephen is pretty disorganized.  He's always playing catch-up, forgetting things and trying to get it together.

Nathan can be pretty rigid in his beliefs and what he thinks everyone should be doing.  Stephen is very easy going and compassionate.  He has a gentle nature and is extremely forgiving.


Nathan is all about the fire department and rescue squad.  He once tried to get Stephen to join up and Stephen could care less.  Being on the department is about appealing to him as liverwurst!  LOL!!

Stephen, on the other hand, loves all things nature.  He loves to be outdoors and loves animals.  Nathan is uninterested and he is skittish around most animals.

(Notice those giant gloves on Nathan?  He won't touch those roosters without them on! LOL!!!)

Nathan shares pretty much anything that's on his mind.  Stephen is much more introspective.

Nathan is happy-go-lucky.  Stephen is on the moody side and very serious.

For some reason, their personalities still work together and they get along fairly well.  Stephen is very patient with his brother and puts up with many of his idiosyncrasies.  Nathan is always asking, "Where is my brother?"  and wanting to do things with him.

Stephen has always been the one to try things first and then get Nathan to follow.  Nathan wouldn't sleep in his own room until Stephen was born and in there with him.  Stephen learned to ride a two wheeler first and helped Nathan. Stephen talks Nathan through a lot of his problems and brings him back down to reality.

It's nice to see that they love each other and that they are so close.  I hope they stay that way for the rest of their lives!